The Bit Players (Newport, RI)

The Bit Players (Newport, RI)

Cast: Frank Fusaro, Vlad Tenenbaum, Jim Foley, Annemarie Holly, Elizabeth Stepp, Conor Delaney, Karl Magner, Tim Lobo Linhares, James Tabor, Andy Syron, Bri Smith, Kim Tingle, Sam Vaccaro, Jarrod Pimentel, Chase Ceglie, Chris Correia

The Bit Players, Newport's award-winning comedy group, have been performing for 12 years. They have been a regular presence at PIF since 2007 and are proud to be welcomed back.

The Bit Players have been performing their hilarious improvisation since 2007 at their home, The Firehouse Theater in beautiful and historic Newport, Rhode Island. Their live performance is modeled after the hit TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” but with many of their own spins and interpretations. No two shows are ever the same with a large cast of improvisers and a vault full of different games or “Bits”.
The shows are dictated by the audience’s suggestions; however, no audience member is ever “picked on” or singled out... unless, of course, they bring the attention upon themselves.
As RI’s most award winning comedy troupe, The Bit Players have been voted “Best Comedy Night” by The Providence Phoenix and “Comedy Troupe of the Year” by Motif Magazine multiple times. Many of their shows sell out week after week. The Bit Players perform regularly, every Friday and Saturday at 8PM, all year long.

Show Description

Quickly-paced short form games of various types: genre scenes, story games, improvised songs/musical scenes, endowment games.