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The 15th Annual Providence Improv Fest:

The 15th Annual Providence Improv Festival 
(The P!Fteenth!) is once again International and will be taking place at AS220 Black Box at 95 Empire St. and AS220 Main Stage, in downtown Providenceon September 13-15, 2018.  As in P!Fs past, audiences who attend this year’s offerings will enjoy favorite acts from previous Fests, as well as be treated to exciting new groups from across the continent.
The present line-up includes performers from Rhode Island, Connecticut, , Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont—as well as New York City, Boston, Chicago and, for the first time ever—Montreal!
Over the past fifteen years, New England has experienced a growing interest and passion for improvisation – exploring its application for entertainment, education, and professional training purposes. 
According to P!F Artistic Director Tim Thibodeau (From Pawtucket, RI), “The great thing about improv is that is can only exist through collaboration—with team mates and scene partners, and with the audience.  Usually the funniest scenes are the work of each partner agreeing to and building on (or as we like to say, “Yes Anding”) a minor suggestion that ends up influencing the entire direction of the scene. Audiences are drawn to improv shows because they know that they will be a part of moments that will never be seen again. ”

Thibodeau continues “We’re particularly excited that this year we will be hosting international talent as well up and coming writers and actors you may have seen in some of your favorite TV shows and movies.”
As with past Fest improv celebrations, the groups range in variety from the fast-paced, witty hiphop of North Coast Improv (making their 4th appearance at P!F) to the longer formats of Upright Citizens’ Brigade Women and Men (both from New York City). Also from New York City are Rameaka and Moe, which features Ben Rameaka, a longtime member of Fest Favorite Airwolf and Doug Moe, who has been featured on a number of comedy shows and commercials. P!F will is also excited to host Big Bang Improv (from Boston, NYC & Florida), with team captain and Fest friend Will Luera. P!F will see its first team from Ann Arbor, Michigan as wellThe League of Pointless Improvisers & Friends, is made up from some of the finest improvisers in Southeast Michigan.
Lastly, for the first time ever, P!F is welcoming a team from Montreal’s Les Productions de L’Instable, who create a signature format that involves physical improvisation all while charming us with French accents. 
Local Favorites include House Teams from local P!F sponsors WageHouse and  The Providence Improv Guild, as well as Improv Jones, Bring Your Own Improv, The Bit Players, and the Providence Improv Fest Musical Improv AllStars (P!FMIA’s).
The Fest this year is also thrilled to be offering Workshops by North Coast Improv, and by Rachel Rosenthal from Big Bang Improv and North Coast Improv, Will Luera from Big Bang Improv, Frédéric Barbusci of Les Productions de l’Instable, and Chris Moody from the League of Pointless Improvisers.
As with last year’s PIF, there will be a Family Friendly Show on Saturday September 15th. The proceeds from this show will go to the Manton Avenue Project, which uses theatrical arts to serve the students of Olneyville.
P!F remains committed to keeping all shows affordable:, maintaining its traditional admission fee: $10 per show,  including headliners, national, and local acts.