Less Talk More Play - Frédéric Barbusci - Saturday 9/15 10am-12:45pm

Less Talk More Play - Frédéric Barbusci - Saturday 9/15 10am-12:45pm

Providence Improv Fest
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Frédéric Barbusci

Saturday 9/15 10am-12:45pm - AS220 Mainstage 115 Empire, St., Providence, RI

In the 70’s, Yvon Deschamps, a Québec comedian utter these few words that echoed in all the province: “We don’t want to hear it, we want you to show it!“

We often say that improvisers talk to much. We want to communicate our ideas to our partners so we use words.

With this 3h workshop, Frédéric Barbusci invites you to let your emotions and gestures speak for themselves. Please note that this is not a mime workshop. The objective is to better send and receive your partners intentions. You will notice the power of the silence, the subtilities and details in your partner's actions, do a wordless scene without being a “mastermime“ and stay for the teacher’s funny French-Canadian accent (he told us to write this).


Frédéric Barbusci is a French-Canadian actor, writer, host, director from Montréal. He started playing improv at the age of 12 in 1987 and never stopped since. He is well known throughout the french improv scene in Quebec and Europe for is work and teachings.

He is the most decorated player of all time of “la LNI“ (National Improv Ligue) where he’s been playing and teaching since 2005. In 2011 he founded a company called Les Productions de L’Instable (prodinstable.com Unstable Productions) who’s main purpose is to explore new ways to play and reach out to others with classes and 12 original shows that have been played in Quebec, Europe and New York. He played  and coached at Montréal based la LIM, Cravates, Globale, LicUQÀM, Limonade, Cinplass, Montréal Improv and the list goes on.